Sunday, March 26, 2017

Airline Stocks Continue To Fly

This morning, one of the strongest sectors in the stock market is the airline sector. This industry group has been extremely strong in 2013. Industry consolidation in the sector has greatly benefited the major U.S. airline carriers. Lower fuel costs have also helped the airline stocks to soar higher over the past couple of months. Some of the leading stocks in the sector that remain in solid up-trends include Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE:DAL), US Airways Group, Inc. (NYSE:LCC), United Continental Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:UAL), and Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE:LUV).

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All of these stocks could see further upside on the charts over the next few months; however traders may now want to wait for a small pullback before jumping on board the airline stocks. This group is now overbought on the weekly and monthly charts so waiting for pullback is prudent. As long as the trend remains up the airline stocks look buy-able on pullbacks to the daily chart 50-day moving average.

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