Sunday, December 17, 2017

Akamai Continues To Tumble, Know This Trade Level

Last week, leading content delivery network (CDN) provider Akamai Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:AKAM) sold off after reporting earnings. The stock peaked out in February at around $71.00 a share. Today, AKAM stock is trading at $51.25 a share. So is this stock now a value play? Not so fast, AKAM stock should still have a bit more downside pressure before it flushes out all of the sellers.

Traders and investors should now watch the $48.00 area for a significant low in the stock. This is an area where the stock actually broke out in February 2016. This should be a level where the institutions will likely step in and support the stock. Here’s the trade, buy AKAM at $48.00 with a weekly chart stop loss below $45.00. The upside in this stock is for a move back to $55.00 and possibly higher.

Nicholas Santiago


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