Sunday, December 17, 2017

BUY ALERT: Major Support On Diana Shipping Inc. $DSX. We Bought Here…

I grabbed some Diana Shipping Inc. (NYSE:DSX) today. We accumulated shares at $4.25 for a swing trade bounce with a current target of $5.05. The reasoning for this buy is simple. The stock has fallen sharply from $6.20 down to $4.21. in the past week. At $4.25 it started hitting major support and the odds strongly favor a technical bounce back to the $5.05 level. See the stock chart below.

Note, I have no idea if I will hold it until the $5.05 target. That is a perfect world scenario. However, I am confident we will make a solid profit on it as we do and have done over the long term. Learn how to survive and profit in this market, or it will take all of your money!

Gareth Soloway

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