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If you have an informed opinion on forex, stocks, ETFs, commodities, options or the economy that you’d like to share with the TheMarketFinancial community, we’d like to publish it! Our 300+ contributors (constantly growing!) range from hedge fund managers, economists, brokerage firms to traders, investors and bloggers.

Submit your article by emailing it to our editors at
staff [ at ] themarketfinancial [ dot ] com

Please make sure to include your name, website, bio and a photo/logo.

Your submission will be reviewed and if it meets our quality standards, it will be posted on Do note that articles may be edited for typo and grammatical errors, and for clarity. We may also modify the title to better suit our readers.

Please read Terms and Conditions before submitting your article.

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All submited articles are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

Business Articles FAQ

Where can I submit a business article?

You can submit your business article to various pages throughout

How do I submit a business article?

Simply fill in the business article form at the top of this page.

Is it free to submit a business article?

Yes it is 100% free to submit business articles to

Do all business articles submited have to be business related?

Not always, but we always give priority to business related business articles.

Do all business articles submited have to be US/Canada related?

No, we accept articles regarding any part of the World.

Can I submit multiple business articles?

Yes, but please contact us in advance by emailing here and we will make this easier for you to do.

Can I include links within the body text of business articles?

Yes, but no more than 3 per business article and we reserve the right not to include them.

What do you get out of publishing business articles?

We ask for nothing in return, but if you like the service we provide we would be grateful if you spread the news about us.

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