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The Team

Michael Vlaicu

Managing Editor, Lead Analyst, Publisher

Michael attended the University of Toronto ’05 while studying the Specialist Business Bachelors (BBA) program, widely considered one of the top 20 business programs worldwide. He is also the winner of numerous school and nationwide stock market competitions, including being ranked top 10 out of hundreds of thousands for two years straight on FaceBook’s stock market application.

A young and savvy, yet experienced and accomplished investments mogul since ’01; Michael has amassed a fortune as a private self investor. At a young age, he followed up his success by starting his own highly followed blog. In his later life he transformed it into an capital asset management corporation — MiV Investments Inc., and thus became President and CEO of a company offering advice to thousands of people worldwide, and attracting contracts from various international sources. Today, he runs the financial news portal found at, reaching Expert Stock Analyst status from a variety of accredited publications.

A follower of Buffetology, according to Michael, investing in a company is not based on statistics, P/E ratios, and other technical calculations / indicators — Rather, about how you view the company and its worth based on production and expansion, while keeping a keen eye on how it is managed in the short and long term. When you buy stock, you are essentially buying a part of the company. Therefore, you have to ask yourself, “Does it have the potential to grow and exceed not only the market’s expectations, but your own as well?”




Dev Basu

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Marketing


Dev Basu is a recognized industry expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, and Social Media Marketing. Dev is also the Founder and CEO of Powered by Search Inc. (, a Toronto based internet marketing agency specializing in results driven marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 and Small and Medium sized businesses. It is widely considered one of the top SEO companies in Canada, having certifications from a wide variety of sources including: Google SEO Certification, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal.

Dev brings over 6 years of ground level and strategic internet marketing experience and is formerly of Microsoft Canada, OANDA, Search Engine People, and Publipage Inc. Dev’s articles and opinions have been widely published and quoted by industry media publications such as WebProNews, Small Business News, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, SEO Book, and Media Post.

As an evangelist of Search Marketing, Dev has also contributed to 4th year marketing courses at the University of Toronto, where he is guest lectures classes of 40-70 students on building a foundation in SEO as a technical and marketing art, followed by an introduction into SEO as a career stream.

Basu’s value proposition in all speaking engagements lies in breaking down difficult concepts around online marketing and media, into short, succinct, and actionable advice on bridging the gap between technology and marketing.

Edoardo Lopezpineda

Author, Analyst, Media Editor, Human Resources


Edoardo attended Seneca at York College ’06  where he studied Broadcasting - Television, a highly competitive program. Since then, he has developed an unbreakable passion for the film industry and has been hired on by several independent production studios doing camera and editing work.

During the past three years, Edoardo has studied the financial markets along with a few of his closest friends and began writing as an editor for one of the largest newspaper publications in his city. This offered him the opportunity to meet new co-workers and lifelong friends which ultimately led to him into moving onto helping form His portfolio style often follow the biotech field, with a mixture of long and short ideas, and has been quoted in a number of well known online financial publications. He prides in investigative research through the use of SEC filings, FDA calendars and mainstream media in order to bring about the most interesting stories to life.

Edoardo has developed remarkable skills in using  programs such as Final Cut Pro, Avid, 3D Studio Max, Combustion, Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Adobe Illustrator. His genius expands beyond the filming industry into the writing as well, where he plans to publish a number of novels during his lifetime.

In everything Edoardo does, he tries to demonstrate the good side of things. Everyone likes drama, but what everyone really wants is a happy ending. With any project he undertakes, he is able to achieve that. Seeking Alpha certified author.






Krystian Frencel

IT Management, Web Design

Krystian Graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Computer Science in 2004 and has since established a successful Toronto based Web Design and Development company, 3magine inc. (

Being both a follower and advocate of standards compliant and usable web, Krystian goes beyond building user friendly websites by understanding the clients’ business, demographics, revenue models and conversion scenarios to create online business that grow and bear fruit.

His interests lie in all that is technology. Krystian is also an avid automotive fan

Jeff Chen

Marketing, Digital Engagement and Advertising

An entrepreneur by day and technology geek by night, Jeff is the founder of several ventures including Go Getter Unite, an organization devoted to help young professionals finding the quickest ways to reach their personal and professional goals through tactics such as “group accountability” and “limiting belief removal”. As an aspiring leader with more than 4 years of Marketing and Sales experience from Fortune 500 organizations such as Microsoft, Huawei and Bell Canada, Jeff has brought his business acumen, passion and leadership to the team. Jeff graduated at the top of his class from University of Toronto, where he also guest lecturers senior classes of 40 students on business plan writing and presentation skills. Despite his life of the party personality, Jeff is a geek at heart. From “The Blue Ocean Strategy” to “The Tipping Point”, Jeff has read over 20 Harvard Business Review titles and is currently on track of writing his first eBook on personal development. Jeff’s life philosophy stems from a quote by a true leader Winston Churchill: “Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.” Jeff is currently studying Marketing at Cornell University and is looking forward to collaborating with other talented individuals to “put a dent to the universe”.

Eric Sebastien

Analyst, Author


Eric Sebastien is a 32 year old, French Canadian, IT engineer, well on his way to starting his own company which can be found at, Passionate by new technology and healthcare progress, stock market investment has become a second job for him.

Eric has 15 years experience in the stock exchange market, having been through the IT bubble of 1999-2000, he won a lot of money but lost a lot as well. Since then he has learned a lot, and now invests strictly in the biotech field and only with small caps with great product and high potential.

Jeb Handwerger

Gold and Commodities Expert, Author

Gold Stock Trades Editor Jeb Handwerger is a highly sought-after stock analyst syndicated internationally and known throughout the financial industry for his accurate and timely analysis of the equities markets, particularly the precious metals sector.

He started reading charts at eleven years old. One day my father, a market trader and technician found his library of books on technical analysis mysteriously disappearing. He later found the textbooks under Jeb’s bed. For many years day and night he studied technical analysis and charting, working and learning from his father who has over 50 years of trading experience. Technical analysis is his passion and love. In 2001, he started noticing the junior mining stocks and gold as having a tremendous upside. For the past 9 years he has researched many juniors and has identified the major winners using technical analysis and finding top management.

He earned a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and a Masters Degree. Jeb learned most of my technical analysis from the school of hard knocks, managing real money for myself and for my family. Constantly perfecting his craft, he has traded for two decades of success in many different markets. Jeb has been asked to post ideas to some of my students who have taken his course in charting and technical analysis. He have made an excellent living trading stocks for myself.

If you are interested in anything gold related, please subscribe to his free newsletter found at

Rebecca Garland

Freelance Writer, Teacher, Real-World Finances Expert

Rebecca Garland is a full-time everything. She teaches English and reading to her much loved, if challenging, high school students during the day and is a freelance education writer in the evenings. With almost ten years in the classroom and advanced degrees in business and information science, Rebecca specializes in materials that inform, educate and entertain. Rebecca indulges herself by pretending to have spare time and writing about topics that she enjoys including real-world finances for families and women.

Learn more about Rebecca on her professional website, .

Nicholas Santiago

Analyst, Author


Nicholas Santiago started trading in 1991. In 1997, he became a licensed Series 7 and 63 registered representative. He managed money for a large, affluent private client group. After applying his knowledge to his client base, he decided it was time to begin teaching those interested in learning his methods. He is an expert in Technical Analysis. He has become an accomplished technician in the studies of Elliot Wave, Gann Theory, Dow Theory and Cycle Theory. In 2007, he partnered with Gareth Soloway to form InTheMoneyStocks.Com and realize his dream of educating others about the truth of the markets.

Steven Vincent

Analyst, Author


Steven Vincent has been studying and trading the markets since 1998 and is a member of the Market Technicians Association. He is proprietor of BullBear Trading which provides market analysis, timing and guidance to subscribers. He focuses on intermediate to long term swing trading using Elliott Wave analysis in conjunction with breadth, momentum and sentiment indicators. When he is not charting and analyzing the markets he teaches yoga and meditation in Los Angeles.

Michael Kudrna

Analyst, Author


Michael currently runs MichaelKdurna.comhis own investment research website, and is an author on a number of highly profiled online publications.

In an industry which caters to the greedy and already wealthy, it has become increasingly complex for the individual investor to find a path to success. “Buy and hold” is an inadequate investing philosophy yet has been promoted by Wall Street as the most successful style for the individual investor. Many intelligent investors have debunked this myth over and over again yet it is still endorsed by some and blinding a new generation of young investors. The reality is Wall Street wants to make money off you, not with you. Wall Street makes money by being better than you, not helping you. Selling is the …More most powerful and underrated ability for the individual investor. The ability to move in and out of a stock with speed, when necessary, is a major advantage over a large institution that would make large waves doing something similar. The idea is to create an investing style based around your own personality traits and amount of time. Through that, you can start to use the strengths that we, the individual investors, have. When this is accomplished, despite the times when the market acts completely illogical, you can still make money. Awareness is critical.

A large drawback to the individual investor is finding quality information to base your investment decisions on. Unfortunately, in a greedy industry as such, most everyone else’s agenda does not benefit yours. Kudrna’s Stock Market Talk was created to build a community of like-minded individual investors who want to help one another rather than manipulate the novices. The chat-room is moderated unlike other sites. What you will find is we actually care and prove it every day.

Follow us on twitter for updates and join the community by interacting in our live chat during market hours. Bring your research to the table and benefit from others research as well. Stick around and see why this has become the best community for the individual investor. It is simply because, “we actually care.”

Edward Stevenson

Investor, Analyst, Private Fund Manager

Edward Stevenson carries a decade of experience investing and trading the equity markets. After acclaimed success inspired Stevenson to share his insights, experience, and expertise with hopeful investors looking to grasp financial independence, he founded Timeless Wealth Inc., which later developed into a highly-acclaimed online investor and trader portal ( Stevenson is a regular publisher on ADVFN, amidst voicing professional technical and fundamental analysis on undervalued Companies often overlooked by both Wall Street and Main Street investors.


Timeless Wealth is a dedicated group of investors diligently seeking opportunities in the equity markets. Regardless of atmosphere, Timeless Wealth finds ways to capitalize on investments and build one’s portfolio in both bull and bear markets. Diversification is a strategy that Timeless Wealth strongly encourages, that is, diversification among exchanges, from OTC to NYSE Penny Stocks. Timeless Wealth approaches each and every investment logically and intelligently, implementing appropriate research and analysis.

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