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Top 5 Reasons You Know Another Stock Market Bubble Is Forming

Importance Of Assignment Almost every day, the U.S. markets hit new all time highs. With rampant unemployment, low jobs growth and an ugly global economy, many are wondering if we are in the midst of a new stock market bubble. Below are the top 5 reasons why you know another stock market bubble is forming.

Deakin University Phd Thesis 5. Earnings have been poor at best with many large Fortune 500 companies like International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) missing horrible. The market continues to make new all time highs.

Do My Papers 4. Volume is almost non existent on every move up. Today, we have done 34 million on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:SPY). This tells us institutions are far from being buyers. Essay About Community Service Hours 3. Mutual fund inflows have surged dramatically 2013. This tells us the little, average investor is finally feeling safe enough to buy into the market again. As we all know, when all the average investors pile in, the end is near and a big drop is just ahead.

2. The Federal Reserve has printed close to $4 trillion Dollars out of thin air in the last few years. The Federal Reserve has also created every bubble in recent history. Printing this much money keeps yields artificially low. Keeping yields at record lows forces money to chase better returns. Thus money rushes into stocks creating a bubble.

Good Essay Introductions 1. Mila Kunis and other celebrities have endorsed stocks and started investing. If you ever needed a bubble signal in the markets, this is it.

While these Top 5 Reasons all ring true, the key will be discovering where the top of this bubble is…Tune in to the charts, they will show us. A bloodbath is sure to follow. Take the seven day free trial to the Research Center and get swing trade alerts. So far this year, net percentage profits are above 140%. With over 27 winners and only 7 losers in 2013, the profits are swelling. Join today and profit for life.

Essay Writing Qualities Of A Good Student Gareth Soloway
Chief Market Strategist

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