Friday, August 1, 2014

United Continental Holdings Inc Could Be Coming In For A Hard Landing

Almost every airline stock has been rallying higher since late 2012. This is a time when the legacy airlines decided to merge with each other and consolidate the industry group. Now, many investors believe that the airline companies are actually a good investment. Leading airline stocks such as Delta Air Lines Inc (NYSE:DAL), American Airlines Group Inc (AAL), and Southwest Airlines Co (NYSE:LUV) continue to remain in solid up-trends at this time on the charts. Unfortunately, United Continental Holdings Inc (NYSE:UAL) appears to be the weakest stock in the sector at this time. The stock price for UAL has been steadily making lower highs on the daily chart. Lower highs on a chart are usually a bearish indication of lower prices ahead. Traders and investors should note that United Continental Holdings Inc stock is trading lower today by 0.59 cents to $44.13 a share. Should a real decline occur over the next few weeks the stock will have solid weekly chart support around $36.00 area. This is an area where United Continental Holdings Inc stock should be supported by the institutional money, this level should be a solid buying opportunity for traders and investors.
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