Sunday, December 17, 2017

Why Shorting General Motors $GM Makes Dollars And Sense…

Remember General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)? The automaker who was bailed out by taxpayers. The automaker who goes up or down 10% every few years depending on auto sales? Guess what?! Since September 2017, shares of General Motors Company have soared from $35 to over $45. That is a whopping gain of almost 30% in two months. It appears investors are willing to buy into the idea that hurricane Harvey and Irma will increase demand near-term for cars and China is the next big game in town General Motors will own. I don’t buy it. Sorry, but while demand may increase near-term, it is not the revolution the stock price is showing.

Why did I alert a short trade to members in the Research Center? There is a long term trend line that begins back in late 2010 from a pivot high and connects to another high pivot from late 2013. This trend line extends out into the current price of General Motors Company. This means not only is General Motors overvalued historically, but technically it has slammed into major resistance. I expect a pull back in shares of General Motors Company to $40.00.

Gareth Soloway

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