Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wide Range Sell-off Bars At Highs Are A Warning Sign

One of the best chart patterns to spot a major downside move in a stock is when there is a wide range reversal bar from a high. For example, take a look at the chart below of International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM). This is a weekly chart of the stock which shows a major decline in April 2013. Notice the wide range sell-off bar that was very close to the high. At the time of the decline, IBM stock was trading around $212.00 a share, by the time that red bar closed the stock was trading around $190.00 a share. Now that is a wide range sell-off bar from a high and it will usually always indicate lower prices ahead for the stock. As you can see, over the next six months the stock declined as low as $173.00 a share before being defended by the institutional money. Take a look at other charts where a stock sold off sharply from the highs and you will see that it was often an indication that the stock was going to decline further in the near term future.

Nick Santiago

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